RiverNorth Kindergarten



Catherine Burke

Christy embodies Waldorf. Her being is an integration of peace, beauty, and the rhythms of the earth. I have known Christy for ten years and had the gift of watching my own and other children grow and flourish under her gentle guidance. She understands that children need a connection to nature and each other. She takes time to establish this connection, following the rhythm of the seasons and children's bodies. Christy fills her classroom with beauty- wooden toys, hand made dolls, watercolor paintings, silk scarves, felted wool balls, blooming branches, etc. She is unhurried and seems to know innately when young bodies need movement, rest, nourishment, dance, and song. My daughter was taught by Christy five years ago at Lilac Children’s Garden, and still misses her class- the integration of art, music, verse, and joyful discovery!

Wendy Mancarella

I highly recommend River North, a Waldorf program for 4 to 6 year olds. The teacher, Christy Field, is compassionate and gentle, and is dedicated to an approach of reverence for the child. It's a beautiful, peaceful place, with an established rhythm (daily, weekly, and yearly). The children are involved in meaningful activities including grinding flour for their homemade bread, churning butter, stitching, digging a garden bed, collecting sap for syrup. There is an emphasis on nature, including lots of outdoor time, daily walks, playing with the chickens. There is plenty of imaginative playtime with all-natural materials, including silks and wood. There is painting, storytime, and a nutritious snack. My daughter has loved her experience there, and the other parents and I can't say enough wonderful things about it! If only all children could attend River North, I’m convinced the world would be a better place!

Kathryn Mousaw

Our family chose River North for our daughter's kindergarten year of schooling. Although she was the oldest in her class, she still needed and benefitted from another year of a non-academic learning environment. River North gave her more time to play, create, and rest; she could still be the young child she was without being pressured or rushed towards growing up. She gained endurance for walking and playing outside. She gained valuable skills working with her hands and sings her way through her days. She now attends a traditional public school for her first grade year and is making a smooth transition.

Cindi Rittenhouse

From the moment I first visited RNK, met the warmhearted teachers and saw the lovely handmade puppets and tapestries, the natural wooden toys, the gathering table, and the charming yard I knew this would be a special place for my child to spend his kindergarten time. He obviously felt the wonder around him as well as he whispered to me, “I want to go here”. Well, he did and he loved it and this year his younger brother is attending and loving it too!