RiverNorth Kindergarten

izzy in comfy
  • Language development is supported through song, verse, and nursery rhymes.
  • Memory, imagination, comprehension, and vocabulary are strengthened through oral story telling and puppet shows.
  • Balance and gross motor are supported through games, rhythmic activity, and forest play.
  • Fine motor skills, coordination, and concentration are developed through artistic activities and practical work.
  • Imagination, social skills, problem-solving, and executive functions are nurtured through play.

Daily Rhythm

8:30 Morning Garden Arrival
Outdoor Play & Forest Walk

Children will work and play in our garden.


Movement, song, and games.

Thursday:  Spanish


Tuesday:  Oats

Wednesday: Bread

Thursday: Soup

Friday: Millet

Inside Play

Children play with natural toys that foster imagination, social interactions, and sensory development.

Daily Activity

Tuesday:  Handwork and Woodworking

Wednesday:  Bread Baking

Thursday:  Soup Making and Drawing

Friday:  Watercolor Painting

Storytelling and Puppetry

Outdoor Play & Forest Walk

Children will work and play in our garden and explore the beautiful surrounding Corbett’s Glen Nature Park.

12:30 Morning Garden Dismissal

12:30 Kinder Nest

Lunch, Rest, Snack, Outdoor Play

3:30 Kinder Nest Dismissal