RiverNorth Kindergarten

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  • Language development is supported through song, verse, and nursery rhymes.

  • Memory, imagination, comprehension, and vocabulary are strengthened through oral story telling and puppet shows.

  • Balance and gross motor are supported through games, rhythmic activity, and forest play.

  • Fine motor skills, coordination, and concentration are developed through artistic activities and practical work.

  • Imagination, social skills, problem-solving, and executive functions are nurtured through play.

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Daily Rhythm

8:30 Morning Garden Arrival

Children will work and play in our garden.

Daily Activity

Tuesday:  Bread Baking

Wednesday:  Handwork and Woodwork

Thursday:  Soup Making

Friday:  Watercolor Painting

Self-directed Play

Inside, children play with natural toys that foster imagination, social interactions, and sensory development.

Outdoors, children play in the garden, dig, create in the mud kitchen and sandbox, jump rope, swing, roll, and climb.


Movement, song, and games.

Friday:  Spanish


Tuesday:  Bread

Wednesday: Oats

Thursday: Soup

Friday: Millet

Storytelling and Puppetry

Outdoor Play & Forest Walk

Children will work and play in our garden and explore the beautiful surrounding Corbett’s Glen Nature Park.

12:30 Morning Garden Dismissal

12:30 Kinder Nest

Lunch, Rest, Snack, Outdoor Play

3:30 Kinder Nest Dismissal